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I'm an illustrator, having years of background in graphic design, book design, and art directing. I still occasionally illustrate books and covers. My clients vary from cultural to commercial, design agencies and publishers to organizations and companies. 
I specialize in people and portraits. Illustrating anything from perception and delving into more conceptual artwork is something I also enjoy, by myself and in collaboration. 
I'm mindful of keeping the joy and fun of coming up with ideas and creating images using different techniques (mostly drawing & painting by hand) at the core of my work. For me, this means illustrating in a few styles—sometimes coming up with new ones. I'm aware this isn't the conventional path for a professional illustrator. But I want and need to hold on to the adventurous nature of creativity in this way. It also keeps me flexible and open to various kinds of assignments which I love. Also, most importantly, the pleasure I feel while illustrating transforms into allure for my client's benefit. I aim to create meaningful visual content with warmth, ease, and flow. 
I have also sat on award jury panels and other panels, have had work awarded, taken part in exhibitions, and taught a bit.
Let's create something beautiful together! Get in touch! 
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+358 (0)40 509 7674

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